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Our Policy

Educate Together schools are founded on four core principles, one of which is democracy. In the context of school life, parents are actively encouraged to take part in their child’s education. This was a radical concept when introduced by Educate Together in the 1970s. Up to that point parents had little insight into their child’s school life beyond the brief window the annual parent-teacher meeting offered.

Parental involvement in Educate Together schools can encompass all aspects of school life from formal structures like the Board of Management, the Parent Teacher Association, Faith Formation Groups and Extra Curricular Organisers through to more hands on voluntary roles within the school day. No Educate Together school could operate fully without the support and involvement of its parent body. All parental involvement in school life is undertaken in the full understanding of the professional role of the teacher in the classroom and the formal education of the child.

Tuam Educate Together. 

In Tuam ETNS we are happy to meet and discuss parents' concerns at any time. Just give a call to our school and we can arrange a meeting. 


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Contact: 093-26278


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